The Happy To Help


Our team of trustees combine profession with passion to gain experience in fundraising across a number of fields including medicine, art, engineering, music and dancing to create a diverse platform for volunteers to get involved in raising awareness through the things they love.

Gurpal Singh Hunjan

Gurpal Singh Hunjan

CEO/ Founder BEng MSc

My role is to identify and provide a platform for those seeking to raise awareness through the things they love ensuring all funds raised are donated 100% to the causes we support remaining transparent to donors from concept to delivery of a project.

There are no set rules on charity, it can be trekking through mountains, playing sports or singing to raise funds. It can also be as simple as picking up the phone and having a chat with someone so they know they are not alone.

Being born with a hole in my heart and cared for until the age of 18 I am eternally thankful to those who have helped me along my way. Happy to Help is a step in the direction to not only help those providing a service but to be the support to those who find themselves feeling alone in truly heartbreaking circumstances.

Being experienced and trained in working as a befriender at a sanctuary home for suicide prevention, my role at Happy to Help is to provide support to those who need, or know someone who needs, counselling.

I am also qualified in British Sign Language Level 1 and will be working towards level 2 in accordance with volunteering as an online community moderator for NDCS, a platform for families of / professionals working with children with deafness.

Simran Kaur Khakha

Mental Health Consultant

With over 20 years working as engineer delivering projects across the world of varying types my role at Happy to Help is to help build projects from concept to implementation where targets and goals set are realistic and achievable.

By identifying risks associated with a project at concept stage means our delivery is smooth and results maximised.

Dipak Shah

Project Management Consultant

My role at Happy to Help is to provide a platform to artists in the singing, music and fine art world for them to share their work in galleries and stages to not only raise awareness of their work but to raise awareness for the causes they would like to support.

We have successfully hosted events for Youtube personality and author Humble the Poet during his London tour, author Rupi Kaur during the Milk and Honey Book Launch alongside Kirat Kaur and Kay Ray and also artists Hatecopy and Babu during their Europe tour.

Itvinder Singh Hayre

Music and Arts Consultants